Who’s hungry?

I rarely ever eat breakfast which is a terrible habit  I know but today an urge came over me and I had to cook something.  What ended up happening was this awesome turkey sausage and egg on an everything bagel. The original plan, if that’s even the appropriate name for it, was to make an omelette. However, the excited little guy inside of me grabbed the biggest pan in the pantry and it wasn’t until I went to flip it that it dawned on me… holy cow that’s a thin omelette. The sausage was thankfully cooked separately so the improvisation began. A little work on the edges and some careful folding created a delicious restaurant style egg perfect for a sandwich. If you ever want to try turkey sausage I will say that the flavor is good but its definitely noticeable. Some people would argue that the health benefit is worth it, but who are we kidding here… its breakfast. Our first meal of the day can be a little bad (in this case a lot bad) from time to time in my opinion and portions can also be controlled from the home. If this recipe stands out to you let me know and ill put the method up for the eggs.


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